Tuesday, May 16, 2017

AMS mountaineering course, 6 day, 5/16

Awesome AMS course geared up and going out for 6 days into the Alaska Range 

AMS guides Wes Bunch, Jake Kayes, Chelsea Bomba are taking a team of 8 out into the Pika Glacier for six days to learn a great foundation for mountaineering skills, not to mention hopefully get amazing views of Mt. Foraker, etc. The team is from around the world and all energetic and awesome. We here at headquarters wish we were going with.  Sun is not setting until about 11 pm these days, so plenty of light to enjoy the mountains.

AMS HQ: Thorough gear check with the guides before packing up. 
Recent early summer sunset with Mt. Russell in the L corner, Photo by Amanda Erickson
AMS guide Jake Kayes, Clayton and Rachel Couch, Scott, guide Wes Bunch, Nico, Felipe, Juan, Alfonso, JT, guide Chelsea


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