Wednesday, June 28, 2017

AMS Denali Update

6/11 Denali, West Buttress team led by Mike Hamill and Simon Frez-Albrecht are at Kahiltna Basecamp, awaiting their flight to Talkeetna. They had a swift journey down last night and are well established to get back to Talkeetna. The weather prevented them from flying out today, we will hope for a break in the weather, as has been the recent pattern so we can welcome them back tomorrow.

Climbers at Basecamp, working together to pack out the runway for incoming flights after a fresh snow. 

6/16 Denali West Buttress "Team Hiro" led by Curtis Green and Dave Wade are at 14,200' and doing very well.  Today they had a review of classes of fixed lines and other climbing techniques for the upper mountain. Tonight they met up with another Japanese climbing group and shared a fantastic meal in our snow kitchen. They are in good spirits. If weather permits, they plan to carry to 16,200' tomorrow.

AMS tents and snow wall at 14,200'

AMS camp at 14,200' the views can't be beat.

6/18 Denali West Buttress Team led by Josh Hoeschen and Chelsea Bomba carried up the fixed lines to 16,300' today. The weather was fine for them and they had a good carry up and enjoyed the views. They may rest tomorrow or possibly move up if the weather permits!
AMS At the cache site 16,300'. IT'S UP THERE.

6/25 Denali West Buttress Team led by Larry Holmgren and Jeremiah Phelps are at basecamp, the weather is not ideal for moving out of camp so they are using the time to get acclimated to 7,200' and reviewing classes to be an efficient team. They are amongst friends at basecamp with NPS rangers, our other AMS team, and other climbers today and tonight. They will travel out of camp on a night schedule and hope for a freeze on the glacier to make the move to camp one faster and more pleasant in general.

AMS team upon arrival into Kahiltna Basecamp, piles of gear we work together to carry up. It will keep us safe and sound as we climb higher.

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