Monday, June 12, 2017

AMS had some nice movement on the glacier today. 

Currently at 14,200' and still awaiting the weather to improve, our two patient AMS teams: 

The 5/28 Denali, West Buttress Expedition led by Larry Holmgren got up early, packed up camp, and moved upward today. But the winds pick up significantly at high camp, so they opted to return to 14,200' to wait for calmer weather to make the move. They now have that pack-up and go routine fine tuned so they will be that much faster and are ready for the next time. It's a good feeling to make a good safety call. 

The 5/27 Denali, West Buttress, "Team Lucy" Expedition led by Wes Bunch made a carry today to 16,300'.  I'm sure they enjoyed the view for a few minutes before coming back to 14,200', were they are now. Carrying gear, fuel and food is a great way to get to know the terrain and serves as an excellent acclimatization method. Carry high, sleep low!

AMS near the base of the fixed lines 15,300' ish

AMS nearing the top of the fixed lines 16,200' ish

AMS at the top of the fixed lines with that great view of Mt. Foraker! 

The 6/4 Denali, West Buttress Expedition led by Jeremiah Phelps moved to 14,200' today, and were warmly welcomed there by the other 2 AMS teams. the move went well and Jeremiah reported in that the team is working really well together and is great group and having fun!

AMS comin' round the mountain  at Windy Corner.

The 6/8 Denali, West Buttress Expedition led by Mark Postle and Michael Gardener moved to 11,000' early today and the move went really well for them!

Military Training Expedition with Colby Coombs is doing well on Denali. They moved to 9,000' last night to camp and are packing up to move to 11,000' camp tonight. They are feeling strong and getting a lot of training done. Good times with this team for certain.

AMS building camp at 11,000'

Views Below 11,000' camp

Life Below Zero with AMS guide and Film Safety and Camera Operator, Rob Gowler is awaiting good flying weather in the Brooks Range today too. We look forward to seeing RFG tomorrow or whenever they can fly.

The 6/11 Denali, West Buttress Expedition led by Mike Hamill and Simon Fretz-Albrecht are awaiting stable weather to fly into the Kahiltna basecamp to begin. All fingers and toes are crossed that tomorrow is their day. 
Tiny Talkeetna and surrounding rivers from the air on a sunny day.

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