Sunday, June 11, 2017

AMS Headquarter Happenings

The Military Training Team lead by AMS director/instructor Colby Coombs and Instructor Dylan Miller just flew to basecamp after a weather delay.

The team has had a busy few days.  They traveled to the Matanuska Glacier to work on a variety of rappelling and ice climbing scenarios. They returned to Talkeetna Friday afternoon to prepare for the Denali mountaineering, navigation, glacier travel, winter and high altitude climbing.

We are proud to be involved in this training!

Team ready to fly!

The 6 Day Mountaineering Course, Girard 6/6 returned from the Pika Glacier today.   Instructors Kai Girard, Chelsea Bomba and Chris Miller and students had a great time. A highlight of the course was experiencing a white out.  They were quick and efficient unloading the van and sorting gear.  We're looking forward to seeing their pictures and hearing all about the course.

Hanging tents

Our Denali WB 6/11 let by AMS Guide Mike Hamill and Simon Frez-Albrecht are busy gear checking and packing lunches.

Guide Simon Frez-Albrech checking gear with Gina
 Operation Manager Josh Hoeschen has been busy repairing gear, which can become a never ending project.

Josh at the sewing machine

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