Friday, June 9, 2017

Light snow and rainy weather remained in the Alaska Range today. 

Currently at 14,200' and still awaiting the weather to clear (it was still moderately windy and snowing in there) are two AMS teams: 
The 5/28 West Buttress, Denali Expedition led by Larry Holmgren and
The 5/27 West Buttress, Denali  " Team Lucy" Expedition led by Wes Bunch. They report that all is well while they wait and they sent some real time photos from 14,200' with thanks to guide Lexie's Verizon account.
Team Lucy today!

Team Lucy guide team!

Previous snap of setting up camp at 14,200' great views!
The 6/4 West Buttress expedition led by Jeremiah Phelps are doing well.  The moved to 11,000' early this morning and are all feeling happy, healthy and strong. This afternoon it was snowing on them, so they are happy they are settled in camp.

Previous AMS photo of 11,000 camp and the route ahead!

The 6 Day Mountaineering Course led by Instructor Kai Girard report yesterday they had some rain yesterday but then it cleared up so they moved camp down glacier, today they planned to work on in depth crevasse rescue skills.
Camp in Little Switzerland from a previous AMS Mountaineering Course

The 6/8 West Buttress, Denali Expedition led by Mark Postle and Michael Gardener flew into basecamp this afternoon schedule, this is a fun and strong looking team!

Quick selfie of some of the June 8th team in the ski plane, its really happening!

Life Below Zero with AMS guide and Film Safety and Camera Operator, Rob Gowler reports in that all is going well with Glenn's program in the Brooks Range, the terrain they are covering is remarkably beautiful.

NAVSOC Military Training with Colby Coombs is happening again this summer and we are beyond stoked to be training up the best of the best. Today the team worked at the Matanuska Glacier to work on a variety of rappelling and ice climbing scenarios. Tomorrow they fly onto Denali for more mountaineering, navigation, glacier travel, winter and high altitude climbing. 

Today, Rappelling with a loaded pack, it's all about managing the loads.

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