Sunday, June 4, 2017

Update for all AMS Denali West Buttress Teams- Opp Returns!

Times have been exciting here at AMS; both at the HQ and on the Mountain!  The weather greatly improved so the teams have had busy days, full of upward progress.
We have expeditions at camps  2,3 and 4 today!

Denali, West Buttress 5/14 team led by Guides Nate Opp and Michael Gardner have returned to Talkeetna late last night very excited to after their summit to be back to the world of showers and celebration.
Denali, West Buttress 5/18 team, led by Noah Ronczkowski and Curtis Green gave word today at 8 am that they were going for a summit push from high camp. 3:53 pm today they are sitting on the "football field" at 19,500' in the sun and not a breath of wind. Allright, Go team go! 
AMS photo by Dustin English of a team leaving 17,200ft with Foraker peeking out above the clouds

Denali, West Buttress Custom Team Lucy 5/27 led by Wes Bunch, Jake Kayes and Lexie Hunsaker, have established themselves at 11,200 ft camp, resting and acclimatizing. Everyone is doing well. 

A team move to 11,200', Camp Two
Denali, West Buttress 5/28 team, led by Larry Holmgren and Chris Welch are doing well, they carried a cache of food, fuel, and equipment to approximately (near Windy Corner) 13,300' today. Tomorrow they plan to move to 14,200' camp. Today they are camped at 11,200'
11,200', Camp Two

AMS photo of Windy Corner

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