Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Denali Update- 6/25 Holmgren and Phelps

AMS Denali West Buttress Update

Denali West Buttress 6/25, Holmgren.  Our last group of climbers led by AMS Guides Larry Holmgren, Jeremiah Phelps and Dylan Miller are hanging tight at high camp, using those weather days that are built into the schedule to wait for a chance to go up. There are many conditions the guides have to consider for going up such as wind, avalanche, etc. Everyone is keeping warm, hydrated, well fed and staying busy shoveling the fresh snow out of their tent area.

AMS photo by Dustin English of a team traveling up to 17camp by Washburn's Thumb

AMS photo by Dustin English 17,200 ft camp 

AMS guide Adam with a "snow-cicle" beard. The temps are a bit warmer right now, but they are snowy.

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