Sunday, September 3, 2017

Custom Backpacking- Frez-Albrecht 9/3-9/6

Off they go! Trail photo by Caitlin Palmer. 
AMS guide Simon Frez-Albrecht and hikers Jason and Marci spent this morning gearing up and preparing for their wilderness hike into the Talkeetnas. Earlier they learned lots of packing tips and tricks, along with safety protocols for how to hike in Alaska. The duo is here from Arizona and are seeing lots of interesting things already. Currently they are driving to the trailhead to start their 4 day hike on trail-less tundra. This area is already dotted with fall color, wild blueberries aplenty, and if the weather cooperates, views of the Alaska Range.

AMS wilderness hiking crew: guide Simon Frez-Albrecht, Marci, Jason

Marci is ready for anything with her full backpack and bear spray! 

AMS collection from last week, photo by Simon Frez-Albrecht. Views of Denali from the Talkeetnas 

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