Sunday, June 10, 2018

AMS Denali Update June 10

With expeditions coming off the mountain today, we have some great current photos of a few crews still on the mountain. Go teams go! 

May25 Custom CCTV Denali Expedition led by Kai Girard has RETURNED! 
AMS photo by A. Erickson: Down to business returning from the Mountains with CCTV

May 27 Expedition led by Larry Holmgren is at 14,200' they are waiting for the weather to improve but are in good spirits and company with other AMS teams in the same situation.

Departing from 14,200' toward the fixed lines, a recent photo from Kai Girard

May 30 Custom Denali Service to Summit - Building Home for Heroes Female Veteran Expedition is at the 14,200-foot camp and doing well and enjoying camp life. This team is building hope and inspiration with every passing day! Thank you, climbers and beloved sponsors.

Dream Team Kirstie and Katelyn at 14,200' they are: Expedition Building Homes For Heroes ...and we must add:  A recent photo by Kai Girard

AMS Guide team and film support crew for Home for Heroes getting ready to carry upwards. A recent photo by Kai Girard 
June 3 Expedition led by Mark Postle is at 11,000 feet and they are waiting for the weather to improve, as it has become lightly stormy on the mountain.
AMS photo of a team moving up to 14,200 camp at approximately 12,400' also known as squirrel hill.

Kodiak Navy SEALs Military Training Expedition led by Colby Coombs moved to 14,200 feet this morning in a squall. Windy Corner lived up to its name and they got some great training while they were there and while moving up into sunny skies at 14,200 feet by midday - the weather is now affecting 14,200' camp as well.  They will be training at 14,200 foot for the next several days. 
AMS photo of a previous team moving through the clouds.

Team SS Laughter moved camp to 9000 feet on the Kahiltna Glacier in the cool temperatures of the early morning. They had light winds and some blowing snow during their move. Everyone is doing well!

AMS photo of setting up camp, by Mike Janes 

AMS photo of getting ready to travel roped in blowing snow on Denali 

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