Saturday, June 6, 2009

Another day in the mountains

Tork doing a little wall building project.

Melis called in this morning from the same area that Kirby did yesterday, the Kahiltna Pass area. Melis's schedule is one day behind Kirby's at this point. Kirby is resting today at 11k.

Melis and Joey's crew plans on resting tomorrow and practicing cramponing and snow climbing techniques in and around 11 camp. They have been reunited with their groceries though and are probably back in camp trading chocolates and hard candies for rolls of toilet paper. She said that they are all doing great!

Special Opp's group is moving to 14K today.

Tork is still at 14K, they carried yesterday. Dropped off their load at the "eyebrow" AKA, the bottom of the fixed lines. Sounds like there were a bunch of folks carrying or moving to 17 yesterday and Tom's expedition got stuck behind too many people. They are calling yesterday a weather day and I believe they are going to try again to get their supplies up on to the 16 ridge and possibly move up as soon as they get good weather up high.

A view of Mount Hunter from windy corner. Nate's group is probably getting close to Windy Corner right now.

The weather is decent right now on the mountain, but not good enough to be going for the summit. Brian, Lhawang and Mike's groups are waiting it out at 17K for better weather. Tomorrow or the next day is what they are thinking for better weather.

Tim Hewette has made his carry to the top of the fixed lines and is poised for a move to high camp.
As soon as the wether gets better, there is going to be a lot of movement all over the mountain.

more soon.


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